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Dear Friends, welcome to Plumbago Guest House

Robbie, Ilara & the Staff would like to assure you of our hospitality and personalised service at all times and will only do our best to make your stay in our home a pleasant one.

Please note the following: The remote in your room is for a medical emergency only and not a remote for the gate!  When leaving the property please ask to have the gate opened as this is controlled by the main house.
The gate will not open automatically.

Plumbago Guest House Separator


Your suite key may be left in the door or taken along with you for the evening – as the main house may be closed, depending on the time of your return. If you do wish to make use of the main house facilities after your meal, please arrange with management before going to dinner.

Plumbago Guesthouse Breakfast


Served on the terrace Monday – Sunday from 08h00 to 09h00. For the early birds, breakfast packs are available if ordered the night before.

Coffee & Tea Facilities

During the day tray service is available at your convenience.

Plumbago Guesthouse Departures and Cell Phones

Cell/ Mobile Phones

Reception/signal is available on the Property


Departure time is 10h00. Please don’t be offended if Housekeeping starts preparing the suite after 10h00 for the next arrivals. For porter assistance please arrange during breakfast.

Plumbago Guesthouse Dinner and Board Games


By arrangement only. Bookings are taken until 10 am on the same day. Served @ 7:30pm  Monday – Saturday. Let us know if you have any dietary requirements in good time. Alternatively, dinner reservations can be made on your behalf at our local restaurants.

Board Games

Board games are available in the bar

Plumbago Guesthouse Laundry and Gift Cupboards and other goodies to purchase

Gift Cupboard & Other Goodies to Purchase

Ask for assistance at the office. Forgotten to pack your slippers, toothbrush/toothpaste or razor? These personal items are available at the office.


Please place laundry in the bag provided in your room cupboard, and leave it on your bed with the completed laundry list before 10h00 for same day service.

Magazines & Books

Please don’t remove any magazines or books from the premises. They form part of a private collection which we would prefer to keep complete. Feel free to add to our collection by placing your name and the date in your edition left behind.

Plumbago Guesthouse Spa

Spa Therapies

Can be arranged, please let reception know a day in advance if you would like to make use of this service.

People with no Prior Reservations

Will be billed accordingly for your stay at Plumbago.

Plumbago Guesthouse Postage, room meals and take away


Postcards & Stamps are available at the office – we will gladly post any items for you.

Room Meals/ Take Aways

Plumbago does its best to accommodate all the “taste buds” Please be considerate and do not take meals into the suites.

Plumbago Guesthouse Smoking

Smoking Areas

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The law clause that is now valid in this space. It is illegal to smoke: in enclosed public places (such as shopping centres, hospitals, cinemas, theatres, pubs, clubs, restaurants) in outdoor eating areas, unless in a designated smoking area in a liquor licensed premises.

Plumbago Guesthouse Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

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Swimming pool & Sauna towels are available in the room.

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Please, do not remove your robes or bathroom towels from the rooms.

Plumbago Guesthouse Flying

Go Flying!

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Robbie sometimes takes guests flying – when he is home

Plumbago Guest House List Arrow

Numbi airfield in Hazyview is the closest hangar to Plumbago.

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We can arrange the transfer from the airfield to Plumbago or car rental with AVIS.

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We are just 40 min from KMIA

Sailing Club

The sailing club at de Gama dam is just 10 min away.

Plumbago Guesthouse Turndown

Turndown Service

House keeping will prepare your suite for the evening.


Should you have friends over for a visit, please arrange with us beforehand as no persons are allowed on the property without prior notice. There are other paying guests on the property and everyone is entitled to their privacy.

Plumbago Guesthouse Main House

Main House

The main house and staff retire in the evenings and is closed until the following morning. If you have any requests please feel free to contact management:
+27  (0) 82 954 0467 / +27 (0) 13 7378806

Medical Assistance

Mobile +27 82 954 0467

Just Some Chatter

Plumbago Guest House Separator

Plumbago Guest House is set on a working Avocado and Banana Farm.  Therefore you will experience `unfamiliar sounds` like tractors or spray machines in the orchards as well as the monkeys on your roof early in the morning… do not be alarmed if you suddenly hear a thud on your roof at sunrise – they will do no harm. Listen out for the resident Hippo in the dams below the swimming pool area… on the odd occasion these fellows damage the water pipes in the orchards and then … Yes! good guess… – No water! BUT do not fret, before you know it Robbie has already dashed off to see to it.

If travelling in the evenings be very careful of hippo crossing the roads (tar and dirt); they `feed` at night and therefore move from dam to dam… the signs are there for a good reason!  Believe me!! … Robbie has had a very near death experience… these signs are no JOKE!

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