Pets are welcome at Plumbago Guest House!

For your convenience we list the following to make their stay as comfy as possible.

Favourite blanky, pillow or bed/basket with preferred soft toy

Water/Food containers & Food

Collar & Leash

Medication (30 min drive from the vet – for any emergencies)

Scratch pole for the kitties

Cat box and Sand

Please do note the following, concerning your pet!

Please do not allow your animals on any furniture.

During meal times please be courteous towards the other guests.

Any damage caused to the property of Plumbago is for Visitor/s account.

Pooper scoopers are not provided – please walk your pet to the bottom garden near the tennis court when nature calls.

If your pet is not trained, please keep him/her on their leash for their own safety.

All pets are on Plumbago’s property at the Visitors own risk.

The fence is electrified – please take care that they don’t venture too close.

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